Transitions Homeless Center is the largest homeless community serving the Midlands. Their goal is to help their clients stabilize their lives, increase their income, and secure permanent housing. The Know Money team has partnered with Transitions to create Know Money Bettera four-week class tailored to the homeless community that educates attendees on setting financial goals, budgeting, saving, managing their credit, and using banking products with low or no fees.

St. Lawrence Place is a 30-home community where homeless families can find skills and shelter to help build independence and get out of poverty. Know Money, Inc. partners with St. Lawrence Place to provide life skill classes covering topics like increasing your income and saving to start a family.

Sowings Seeds into the Midlands offers peer workshops and ongoing mentorship programming for teens who’ve been stigmatized by their involvement with the criminal justice system. Know Money helps Sowing Seeds students learn how to earn money and keep it.

ACT-SO Columbia is a year-long mentoring and achievement program for high school students where they demonstrate academic, artistic, and scientific expertise for a chance to compete nationally and win scholarships & prizes. Know Money partnered with ACT-SO to establish a teen entrepreneurship master class to teach students how to start businesses by solving problems in their community.

Midlands Technical College is a forward-thinking, proactive college that provides real-world experiences and hands-on training to prepare students to transfer to a four-year institution or embark on a rewarding career path. Midlands Technical College’s Center for Entrepreneurial Success and Community Engagement has partnered with Know Money, Inc. to provide technologically sound spaces for community events like our annual “Boards and Bank: Financial Seminar and Vision Board Party”.