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You ever sit in front of your computer or look at your phone screen showing your bank balance showing and ask yourself, “How the hell did I get here?!” This was a daily routine for Steven M. Hughes. While family, food, and faith were staples in his Jamaican upbringing, finances were not. Right after high school, Steven found himself learning about money the hard way with Every. Single. Turn. He racked up seven maxed out credit cards; closed bank accounts due to constant overdraft fees; two repossessions and an eviction. His credit score looked like it was reading a scale holding an NFL offensive lineman.

Steven finally decided that he would do better. He set out to do a 180 on his financial life After creating and working a plan to get himself back on track financially, friends and family members were asking him for strategies to do the same… that’s when Know Money Inc was born. Know Money Inc was launched in July 2014 to serve millennials across the state of South Carolina. Today, Know Money has worked with thousands of young adults from colleges and companies.

Founder & Board

Steven M. Hughes, Founder of Know Money Inc.

Steven M. Hughes, Founder

After making every money mistake imaginable as a Clemson University student and young professional, Steven took massive action over the course of four years to improve his financial situation. He launched Know Money in 2014 to help millennials avoid the money slip-ups he faced. He’s now a nationally Certified Financial Education Instructor and manages all of the programs for the Know Money team.

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Paige Fennell, Board Member for Know Money Inc.

Paige Fennell, Board Member

Paige is a two-time SC Honors College graduate from the University of South Carolina with a BA in History with a minor in African American Studies and a Master of Teaching degree. This 2016 teacher of the year’s expertise in education and her passion for helping others benefits Know Money, Inc.’s program development to help millennials succeed financially.

Tiffany Mack, Board Member for Know Money Inc.

Tiffany Mack, Board Member

Tiffany is a graduate of Clemson University and the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health. She’s worked to bring resources to her community and lends 5 years of experience in securing over $12 million in grant funding to help Know Money, Inc. secure financial resources for its programs.