You think they should teach about money in school—we heard you.

Culturally-responsive workshops and events to help Black college students create a legacy of financial literacy

We envision a world without broke college students.

Join us in providing access to financial education they can actually relate to.

Nearly 63% of young people age 18 to 34 said that “thinking about my personal finances can make me feel anxious.” Another 78% feel they lack the information they need to repay their college loans. **

We help college students improve their financial literacy and money mindsets to avoid common pitfalls, decrease financial anxiety, and increase the possibilities for their day-to-day and long-term financial success.

Through strategic partnerships and culturally-responsive workshops and events, our approach to financial education is tailored to address the unique challenges and social pressures today's college students face.

I struggled in college because I struggled with money. It's hard to focus on the books when you can barely eat or sleep between classes and multiple jobs.

Supporting Know Money means another young person doesn't have to face that mounting daily anxiety. They can move smarter, enjoy their college experience, and truly prepare for a fruitful life after graduation.

Joshua Brown, Strategic Account Manager, Yuto

Why Top Colleges Choose Us

We listen, then we teach. We meet college students where they are to help improve their relationship to their money.

Our Methodology


We stay on the pulse of college campuses

We collect student feedback to create programs and resources that are relevant to their financial issues


We marry theory with real-life experience

Our transparent and culturally-responsive approach compels college students to take action


We keep you updated on the impact you help make

We send regular newsletters to share success stories and the statistical and intangible impact of your dollars

53% of college students rank money management as the most daunting challenge they face today.**

In August 2009, I was one of them.

After maxing out seven credit cards, enduring an eviction and two repossessions, having my bank accounts closed and a credit score below 400, college life hit me hard. I had to change my money mindset and habits immediately.

This is where the journey to Know Money began.

Colleges committed to student financial success

Help us make financial education a part of every college experience

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