Support students' financial health from their first steps on campus through their walk across the stage

Our culturally-responsive approach to financial education means students feel seen, understood, and confident about their ability to succeed.

Informed by real-life experience and financial psychology, we tailor our workshops to help students demystify the keys to financial empowerment.

Sample Workshops

Roadtrip Rumble

We discuss saving money on social events and how to keep costs low when traveling to away games or taking trips with friends. Students learn money management practices for the college lifestyle and how to make and save money around campus. Students also learn about networking with their classmates and business professionals through their college careers.

Refund Checks 101

Should you take the max loan amount? How do you budget what you need for your expenses past room and board? This workshop teaches students how to understand their future student loan responsibilities and how to calculate the true amount needed to get through each semester without being financially stressed about not making ends meet. We create a spending plan and explore repayment options.

Money Trees

Students learn the importance of generating and saving money before they start spending. We discuss the difference between compound and simple interest. We also supply resources to automate (and increase the ease of) saving. We also discuss how to use short-term investments to save money for purchases in the future.

Where Credit Is Due

Students learn what it means to be creditworthy by evaluating the pros and cons of credit and learning what factors affect their credit scores and reports. We talk about how your credit score is weighted and how it can be maintained. We show how to properly use credit cards and other financial resources that build credit and help achieve financial goals.

The students loved the money management knowledge imparted by the Know Money team. They really enjoyed the fact that the workshop was high-energy and engaging and provided clear tools that they could use right away.

Dr. Venetia Lyles, Director
Savannah River Site Environmental Field Study
South Carolina State University

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© 2019 Know Money, Inc. All rights reserved.